Monday, December 1, 2008

Coding Resources

So we've got OSX and the SDK up and running, where do we go from here? Well the first place I checked was Apple's developer resources. While robust, they're really not much help for a beginner. The Training videos are nice and give you a better idea of how the iPhone OS works. I would suggest perusing those first. Here are some more GREAT resources:



This is not an iPhone programming tutorial. It's an OSX tutorial. If you are a complete beginner though, this is where you should start. It breaks down everything into VERY simple terms. This is great if you don't understand basic concepts like pointers or Object Oriented Programming.



This is a very good site that has tutorials on specific topics. It's designed to start with the first post and follow them sequentially. He's even started posting video tutorials. Sample code is also available.


iPhone Developers Cookbook by Erica Sadun

This is a great book written by one of the first iPhone programmers outside of Apple. She really knows her stuff. The link above is for free, if you'd like to support this work, you may buy the paperback here, or buy the PDF here



Stanford Course CS193P - iPhone Application Programming

This is exactly what it says. The prestigious Stanford University has a an iPhone development course and they are providing all the lectures (.pdf) and sample code (.zip) for free online. All this consists of is the PowerPoint slides in pdf format from the class, and of the handouts. No dialogue to go with the slides, although lots of them are helpful. I have tried to locate a podcast that the instructors might have put together, but haven't been able to find anything. I e-mailed them last week right before thanksgiving and haven't heard back yet, but with the holidays, it'll probably be a minute, if they respond at all.