Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fixing, upgrading, and Installing the SDK

Ok, so you've downloaded all that software and you're ready to begin! The first thing we need to do is fix that annoying message about the audio drivers not working. Open Finder and in the search box, type "Extensions repair" without the quotes. Run the extension repair program, restart, and voila! Audio works! On my tx2000, the volume and mute buttons work, but the mute button is always orange. That's normal.

Next we need to install the_29's tx1000 package. So run that and restart. Now your screen should look normal :) You can also go into settings and there's many different options for screen resolutions.

Now the modified SDK file we downloaded SAYS it's for any version of Leopard, but there's 2 reasons I recommend you upgrade to 10.5.4

1) Better safe than sorry

2) Some of the frameworks or commands you use in your programs may not act as you expect them to on lower versions of Leopard.

So to make life easier, just do the upgrade. First run the 10.5.3 Update for AMD working. Then restart when it's done. Then run the 10.5.3 to 10.5.4 package. Don't restart when it's done though. Open up kexthelper b7 and install the system.kext file that came in the modbin kernel download. Then run the pcwiz kernel installer to install that kernel. NOW you may restart.

Woo hoo, we're almost there! Double-click the iPhone SDK you downloaded from Apple. It's a DMG file, which is actually a Disk Image. When you double click it, it will be mounted as a disk and show up on your desktop. Copy all 3 files out of the disk image onto your desktop. Then right click the mounted disk image and click "Unmount" from the pop-up screen. Out of those 3 files you put on your desktop, find iPhone SDK and move it to the trash can icon in the lower right hand side of the screen. Then locate the modified iPhone SDK file we downloaded from The Pirate Bay and copy it onto your desktop. Now double click that iPhone SDK file you just placed on the desktop. This will start the SDK installer. After it's done, restart and you will have a complete Dual Boot Vista OSX setup with the iPhone SDK running!


matthewwallace5 said...

I have tried to install the iPhone SDK on my computer but it says "Install Failed
The installer could not locate the data it needed to install the software. Check your install media or internet connection and try again or contact the software manufacturer for assistance." I'm running 10.5.4 and trying to install version 3.1.2 of the sdk. The original iPhone SDK.mpkg works but the modified gives the above error. Any ideas?

Daniel said...

The 3.1.2 version requires OSX 10.5.7 or later. Sorry my blog is so outdated. Also you said the "original" sdk works, is that also the unmodded 3.1.2 from apple or an older version of the SDK? I was never able to get an unmodified version to run on an amd processor