Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BIOS fix and Partitioning your drive

Ok the first order of business is to run that HP BIOS updater program. Now I'm calling it an 'updater' it actually downgrades your BIOS, but it doesn't matter. For sound to work, you must use this. Just run the .exe you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. It's simple and straightforward. Restart at the end of it.

Now to partition your hard drive! In Vista, click on 'Computer' and right click your C:\ drive, then click "Manage". Right-click your main partition (NOT HP_RECOVERY!!) and click 'shrink' I had 120GB free and it would only allow me to make my partition 17GB or as displayed on this screen 17000 (that's megabytes).

If you are unhappy with the amount of space windows is allowing you to have for your new partition, you must defragment. You can't use any old defrag program either, you must use one that moves your system files like PerfectDisk. In order to get more shrink space, you must do a SMART defrag a couple times and do a boot-time defrag a couple times. This jumped me from 17GB to 57GB available. You MUST do it this way or you could really trash your Vista install, Master Boot Record, or both (like I did :) )

Now pop in that GParted LiveCD and restart your system. Hit F9 to boot from the disc.When the menu comes up select the 'failsafe mode' and hit enter. It's the only mode I could get it to run under. When it asks, don't modify the keymap. Then again it'll ask what language you want, type '02' (without the quotes) for English. Then it'll give you a notice about the video drivers, just hit enter. Once you see the GUI start up, just wait a second and GParted will start automatically. Now right-click the unallocated partition you made and click 'New'. Set the size if you need to (mine was already set to what it needed to be) For filesystem select 'HFS+'. Then click 'Add'. Now it'll show up at the bottom of the window, just right click on it and hit 'Apply'. For some reason this left 1.83GB unallocated on my drive, I'm just happy I got it to work, so I haven't tried to mess with that. Now click the shutdown icon and shut down. It'll pop the drive open and tell you to remove the CD. Do this and put in your Leo4All v2 disc in and close the drive. Once it says 'System Halted' turn it off using your power button, then back on. Hit F9 to boot from disc again. Before you hit enter to boot from disc, plug in your laptop, because IT WILL NOT BOOT otherwise.

Next step is Installing OSX!

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