Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Required Software and where to get it

This section is the required software for Before OSX (will be referred to from now on as BO, or the time before you have installed OSX) :) Once we get OSX installed, you will have to download MORE software to get everything running correctly. If you don't know how to download torrents, you need to learn now. (Click here for more info.) So here's what you need with the download link next to it.

  • Windows Vista Recovery CD - Download
  • GParted LiveCD - Download (Download from a mirror, I had to in order to get a working file)
  • Leo4All v2 - Download
  • HP BIOS Updater (tx2000 only!) - Download
  • HP BIOS Updater for tx1000 - Download

    If you're not doing this on the same laptop as I am, then Leo4All v2 may not be the one for you. It does work for many AMD and Intel systems and might work anyway. I tried about 15 installs of different distributions of OSX before I found this thread which directed me to the correct one. For instructions on installing OSX on many different computers, check out this wiki. It has many different computer models and how to install OSX on them. Another thing to note, if you can't find a success story for your model, is that some distros may install but not everything work (like wireless or sound) I had this problem with iATKOS v4a. It's just a crapshoot on the right distro for your computer.

    Also BACKUP YOUR VISTA PARTITION!! You may not need it, I only had to restore mine once (that's through the process of probably 18 OSX installs) but everybody's computer is different and everyone makes mistakes. DON'T take any chances with your precious data! I used Norton BackItUp, which isn't the best in the world, but it's better than no backup, plus it can restore your partition to exactly how you had it.

    So once you download all this crap, you have to burn it to disk. I used MagicISO to burn all of these and it worked great. So burn the Vista recovery CD to a CD. Burn the GParted LiveCD to CD. Burn the Leo4All v2 .iso to DVD, and don't burn the HP BIOS updater to anything.

    The next step is BIOS fix and Partitioning your drive

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