Thursday, October 16, 2008

Installing Leopard

If you're not using a tx1000 or tx2000 HP laptop, this post may not be very helpful for you. You can try it and see what happens, but if it doesn't work you'll have to try a different distro. This may require some research on your part. You will definitely want to know what hardware you have to determine compatibility with different distros. The ones I know of are called Kalyway, iATKOS, and Leo4All. There are different versions of each of these and different versions will work differently on different computers, clear enough for you? :D I would start by googling the names of the distros and see which one looks best, then download and try to install it. Good Luck!

For everyone else, the fun starts! If you picked up from the last post, you should see the Darwin bootloader come up. just hit enter to boot with no Options. It will freeze at one point, saying something about IOAPIC, just slide your power button twice and it should continue booting. this is required everytime you boot. When you get to the welcome screen, go up to the menu bar and select 'Utilities' then 'Disk Utility' select your partition, then near the top of the window, click 'Erase' for the filesystem, select 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and click agree. It should erase in less than a minute. Now close that, and at the welcome screen hit 'Continue' (or 'Next' can't remember now) Agree to the license agreement. Then select your partition at the next screen. Once you've done that and continued, hit the 'Customize' button in the lower left-hand side of the window. Select the following options:

  • AMD-System-Fix
  • TimeMachineFix
  • Under third Party Drivers select
  • chipset drivers > nForce 2/3/4/5 chipset driver
  • Audio Drivers > AzaliaAudio
  • Graphics Drivers > NVidia Driver > NVinject GO
  • Network Drivers > ForceDeth Driver

    Now that you're done, get out of that screen and click 'install'. Don't skip the DVD check the first time around. It takes extra time, but if you get an install error, this could be why. Just let it do its thing. The install process should take 30-40 minutes. If the progress indicator freezes, slide your power button to update it. Once it's done, it should say "Install Successful". click the restart button. After restarting and before the "HP Invent" screen goes away, you need to remove the disc from the drive. Then you'll see the darwin bootloader. hit enter. You may have to select your partition, then hit enter again. Don't forget to slide your power button when it freezes at the IOAPIC line. Then you'll go through the OSX Startup sequence. Now you should be running Leopard! Woo hoo! You'll probably get an error message about the audio drivers not installing correctly. Don't worry about that just yet, we'll fix it later. Play around with it if you want, but we're not done yet. We still have to be able to boot whichever OS we want, right?

    Next section: Repairing your Vista install and configuring Windows Boot Manager

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